Day 113

As the title of the blog post indicates.. Today is Day one hundred and thirteen.

This post is a little different than my normal Dude In Van posts. Today I am, roughly, 670 miles away from my van. I'm speaking to you as Dude In Chicago.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop with my black coffee and blueberry scone. (I never had a scone before.. kinda regretting it) I tried going to a zoo earlier, but the zoo was closed. I've been trying to go to a zoo for about 2 years. I guess this is the type of wild and crazy get away you have when you don't plan anything. Why am I in Chicago? Because it was the cheapest flight listed. I booked a room on Air BnB, but I have to wait till 2pm to check in.. It's at an art gallery, I think. The car I rented has Jersey plates, coincidence? Maybe.  Chicago has way too many stop signs, by the way.

Am I rambling? Is this what rambling looks like when you type it out?

My main goals this weekend is have some deep dish pizza, see some bean mirror looking structure and see a fountain.. Or maybe just watch the Saints game on TV. (All were suggested to my by friends)

Actually, I hope to record and post a podcast or two.

I'll check in later.


Side Note- It's freakin' cold out in Jersey, I froze my keester off the other night. I picked up some blankets, but I think I'm going to have to start prepping the van for the winter when I get back.