Day 114

It's my second day in Chicago.

This city is beautiful. I think I'm going to be a true tourist and do one of those segway tours. I kinda want to move here.

I've been leaving my Dude In Van business card at all the shops and resturants I stop at, and I think most people have been throwing them out. No worries. I'm still having a great time.

Yesterday I went to Smoque BBQ @ 3800 North Pulaski- The best BBQ I've ever had! Check them out. Twitter: @SmoqueBBQ IG: @smoquebbqchicago Website:

This morning I had breakfast at Yolk @ 1120 S Michigan Ave- Awesome service and food! Check them out too! Twitter: @EatYolk IG: @EatYolk Website:

The "Art Gallery" place is actually not an art gallery, per se.. But it is super chill with awesome people. This weekend they are hosting an art show in the house. The owner of the house is currently hanging up all sorts of great art, prepping the house for the event. I think tomorrow is my last day here at the house.. Either way Chicago is great so far. I've been posting pictures on Instagram. You can click on the Social Media link above to check those out. 

Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you soon!

If you happen to see one of my card at your shop LET ME KNOW, by tweeting or leaving a comment below.