Podcast 010- Beears An Dro

Day 147.

Sooo.. I'm still in the van. Still cooking steaks on my 12v grill. Still boosting wifi from public locations. I've been traveling more. Definitely one of the major advantages of living in my van is the ability to travel.

In this podcast Beears joins me while I test out some new podcasting equipment and we recap my trip to Chicago and Virginia. We talk about our Halloween and how I still haven't winterized to van. (OH NO!) I should be freaking out about this but I'm not.

We did record the podcast on Friday the 13th, and as we all know a terrible tragedy took place in France. I'm giving up on one of my pet peeves, momentarily. My displeasure for all the foods with the word "french" in them. (EX. French fries, French toast, French vanilla flavored coffee.. I just don't know why we give them all this credit. I digress.) I realize there is a greater issue at hand, but at the same time I don't believe a hashtag or a social media photo filter is considered helping..

This podcast probably sounds a little funky.. I'm still working out the settings, but I'm super excited that the podcast might be moving to the van real soon, in a town near you!

Thanks for stopping by and onto the next stop!