Podcast 013- Beears An Dro

Day 172.. (This is my second attempt at this post.. My computer closed out and I lost my awesome post. I feel like Tenacious D, right now. This is not the greatest post in the world….This is just a tribute.)


About two or three days ago I decided that I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year. So I booked a flight to Orlando and I am currently waiting in the terminal for my flight to start boarding. As posted earlier this week the plan is to do Disney in a day.

My plane leaves at 6am, we should be landing around 8:30am, and I’ll be at the Epcot front gate by 9am. I didn’t book a hotel room because I plan on ending the Disney adventure at Downtown Disney around 3am. I’ll find a way back to the airport and sleep in the terminal until my 9:30am flight on Saturday starts boarding. I’ll be back in my stomping grounds by noon. 

..Beears joins me on the podcast and as always it’s great. One day we’ll have a radio show. The Beears an Dro Show! 

We talk about about of news stories and current events. We recorded this last Saturday so Beears bets the world against the Eagles. Should I hold him to his promise?

While I’m up in the sky, you can listen to us blah blah blah for about 60 minutes. 

On to the next stop..