Day 175- Birthday

Day 175!

Currently, I am sitting by the Starbucks in the Trump Tower @ 57th & Fifth. Once again I'm taking advantage of the free wifi. I'm spending the day walking around New York City without any plans. Maybe I'll go to a show, maybe I'll buy myself a fancy meal, maybe see the Nets.. tickets are around $5, or maybe I'll walk around with an empty cup begging for change. Either way I'm continuing my random birthday weekend. 

This morning I took the train in from New Jersey with my friend Tray. She bought me a birthday cup of coffee. On my way towards Central Park I walked past the Good Morning America set, I took pictures of Time Square like all good tourists do, I stood outside of the SiriusXM building and pretended they finally hired me and I swiped right on Tinder for a little. 

I usually don’t do much for my birthday but I figured this year, what the heck. I’ve been spending the last 175 days trying to figure out who I am and, I’ve been trying to experience new things. So I figured since I was at Disney on Friday and Atlantic City/Philly yesterday, it only makes sense to visit New York City today. 

If you have any suggestions of places to visit today send me a message on Twitter or Instagram @onlysandro. 

Thanks in advance for the birthday wishes. 


-On to the next stop.