Day 186- Merry Christmas!

Day 186

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus! Nice seeing you Santa!

The last few years I’ve been working Christmas Day. This year is no different. Mainly because I don’t typically celebrate the “family” holidays. So I rather give others the opportunity the be with their families. No matter what you celebrate or even if you don’t celebrate anything, I truly believe this time of the year is a perfect time to reflect on the past and to get ready for a fresh start. In a way this is my last obligatory good deed. I like working in radio and I love being behind an audioboard. So why not spend Christmas Day in the studio? Don’t worry I’ll be spending some time with friends and familia later today. 

It’s been over half a year in the van. I’m still working on the website, but for the most part van life has been great. The weather has been awesome! It’s 70 degrees today!

I’ve been running around for my birthday and getting ready for the end of the year. Maybe I’ve been skimping on blog posts and podcasts too. More to come in the near future. Today I’d like to repost one of my podcasts that are more in season.I posted a podcast with Mike Drake- The Krampus Expert on October 9th (Original post/podcast is up for download HERE) It’s kind of a reminder that 1. I’m still here and 2. Some people celebrate this time of the year differently.

I wish everyone all the best and Happy Holidays!