Podcast 012- Sleeptalk

Day 164

When I first came up with the idea of starting a podcast, my main focus was to interview bands. I wanted to talk to anyone and everyone music related. As you can see I’ve gone in an entirely different direction with the podcast. Well.. that stops here. Today’s podcast is with the band Sleeptalk.

I can’t even.. I am so like totally excited right now (stereotypical LA fan girl voice)

Sleeptalk is a space rock band based out of LA. The band is made up of five members and I had a chance to talk to Anthony Fitzpatrick and Justin Melchor about their new EP Young. You can preorder the EP today! It comes out tomorrow. If you're in the LA area, swing by White Oak Music & Art- West Sherman Way on December 10th for their CD release show.

After you listen to the podcast, check out their link

Website: www.slptvlk.com


Preorder on ITunes- Young EP