Day 64.. LDW

Day 46....

Labor Day weekend is almost here. Some say Labor Day is the official end of summer. So I'll use that logic to my advantage; In a few days I will have survived living in a van during the summer without being bothered by the cops, hoodlums, animals, or other Van Dwellers. No turf wars erupted and there hasn't been local citizens holding town halls to ban me from their towns.(At least not to my knowledge) It's been a stress free and, at most times, a relaxing experience. Some nights were warmer than other nights, but my trusty $15 fan solved that problem real quick. I'm happy with my new lifestyle and I'm excited to see what the future holds. 

People are starting to ask me what I'm planning to do for the winter... I'm not sure yet, but I am open to suggestions. Do you have any ideas or tips? Leave a comment below. LMK what you think I should do.