Podcast 014- Steve Garufi

Day 197.

Happy New Year!

Last night was the coldest night so far. The thermostat on my rearview mirror read 18 degrees. So I went out and bought a 0 degree sleeping bag. Starting off 2016 with a new van experience. 

I honestly can say I have no clue if this will be a good year, but I know for a fact it will be a very interesting one. I’m trying not to think too far in advance but I’m hoping good things come my way and I’m sure I’ll manage to deal with anything negative that crosses my path. My mantra is to enjoy the bad as much as I enjoy the good. (That might be loosely based off what I wrote in my Tinder profile)

I’m still trying to pursue a career as a Producer, but if that doesn’t happen I’m looking forward to riding a bike across America in May. Each day that passes by it seems more like a reality that my friends and I may actually do this!

On that note, I wanted to get more information on how to plan for a cross country bike trip. While searching the internet I ran into Steve Garufi. He’s a licensed professional counselor by day, and a photographer, mountain climber, road cyclist, adventurer and Colorado poster child the rest of the time.

He also did the trip twice and wrote a book about his first trip, so I took some time to pick his brain.

Check him out:

Personal page- ColoradoGuy.com

Informative page- BikeAcrossAmerica.org

His book“Under a Triumphant Sky A Bike Across America Story”. Buy now on Amazon

Facebook- ColoradoGuyCom

Twitter- @SteveGarufi

Youtube- Videos

Enjoy and onto the next stop!