Day 304.. SAY WHAT!?

Today is a bit of a scary day.. It's officially my last day of work. OMG! What am I doing with my life? I quit my full time job to ride a bicycle across the country. 

Actually, THIS IS AMAZING! Two months on the road, peddling towards the Pacific Ocean. Besides getting to the Pacific Ocean, my only other objective is to not get eaten by a bear. We pretty much have all our equipment for the trip. We still need to get smaller items like bug spray and suntan lotion. Oh.. and we still need to figure out exactly where we want to start in New Jersey. We all agreed we want to start at the Atlantic Ocean, but we haven’t decided what town.

Also, I did a few searches on Google Maps and it looks like getting out of New Jersey on a bicycle going east to west is a challenge. I hope we make it. 

Thanks for “Liking” our Facebook Page. I’ll keep posting on here but for all of our perspectives on the trip and not just mine, the Facebook page will have all the good stuff.


Side note.. Sorry Prince, but I'm going to act my shoe size, not my age, for the next two months! RIP