Ohio State

Day 334.. 

Prior to yesterday, I had no clue Ohio State University is located in Columbus. The city itself was pretty empty. It was raining heavily as we rode around. Columbus is a very bicycle friendly city, lots and lots of bike lanes and paths. Tomorrow, the plan is to make it to Springfield, Ohio. 

I hate to say this but I don't really miss the van. It's been raining a lot on this trip but I'm still glad I took the leap. To be honest, it was really hard for me to quit my job. While visiting the OSU campus today, I thought about my time going to Rowan University. The only reason I went to Rowan was because I really liked to radio studio they had on campus. Lucky for me it sort of worked out, because before I graduated I started working for CBS Radio in Philly. I tweeted out to two stations in Columbus. I wanted to show them the cool hello sign I have on my bike. 

Even if I don't end up finding a job in radio after this trip is over, at least I'll have an amazing experience to share with others.   


Stay tuned.