6.18.18 Weekly Recap

6.18.18 Weekly Recap

Here are a few articles that caught my eye this week.

This is Why I Don’t Ride ABC13 Houston

Over in Daytona Beach, Florida, they have people falling off roller coasters. 1. This isn’t even a weird story compared to the other nonsense that goes on in Florida. 2. I’m about to reinstall the Roller Coaster Tycoon app on my phone.


Consensual Torture Miami Herald

Here’s a case where we need Leonidas to kick another dude into an endless pit. His son could watch this too. 


A $132,000 Mistake The KC Star

Basically, a kid is running around a community center doing whatever he wants and then he knocks over a statue. Now the parents refuse to pay for the damages. I don’t blame the parents either. I wouldn’t pay for my dumb kid’s stupid mistake. The kid needs to pay. He’s young enough that if we start garnishing his wages now, he’ll, have it paid off in no time. If the parents end up paying for this, they could chalk it up to a life lesson and they no longer have to pay for his college education, AKA a $132,000 mistake.


Phil Mickelson Putting Phiasco ESPN

Just watch the video…


Trump Signs an Executive Order CBS News

Probably the biggest story of the week. Soooo basically we have these kids. Maybe they are in cages. Maybe families are being separated. Maybe the kids weren’t with their families when they came to America and that’s why we separated them. I don’t know if anyone really knows. At first, Kirstjen Nielsen got on TV and said only Congress could fix this issue, but then Trump signs an executive order and by him doing that he "fixes" the issue without Congress. Regardless, political Twitter still isn’t happy on both sides. Please tell me, what is the solution to all of this?


This Week’s Show

World Cup: I’m rooting for Spain. Why? Well, my parents had their honeymoon in Spain and it’s very clear when you look at the timeline, that’s where I was… “created”.

Self Improvement

If you’re going through a rough patch in life, you need to look up “Law of Attraction” on Google. LoA is the belief that by focusing on positive thoughts you can bring positive experiences into your life. The same works for if you have negative thoughts you can bring negative experience into your life. I’m trying it out myself. Who knows if this really works. My closest experience with this is I spent 3 months on a bicycle thinking positively about getting a Radio Producer job and I was hired within days of finishing my trip. Probably just a coincidence.