6.25.18 Weekly Recap

6.25.18 Weekly Recap

Here are a few news stories that caught my eye this week.


#PermitPatty & Friends CBS News

A few weeks ago Barbecue Becky called the police on a group of people barbecuing in a park in Oakland, CA. Then this week started with Permit Patty near AT&T Park and ended with Burrito Bob on the BART. Not only is the Bay Area extremely expensive to live at, apparently,  everyone there is a snitch. Let people BBQ. Let children sell water bottles. Never, and I mean NEVER interrupt someone’s burrito eating session. That’s just wrong. If you have a problem with people enjoying a summer day with a BBQ or you don’t like a little girl selling water to save up for a vacation or you don’t like a man eating one of the top 5 best foods, then you have problems. DON’T CALL THE POLICE!

LeBron is Free ESPN

It’s official, LeBron James declines his player option and becomes a free agent. Laker LeBron?

Annapolis shooting Baltimore Sun 

This hits home in a few ways. 1. I am a member of the media. 2. I live less than 45 mins away from this tragedy. My main takeaway from this, so far, is you shouldn’t hold grudges. Find ways to let go of things you have no control of.


This Week’s Show

I watched Gordon Ramsay’s new show Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back, 2 weeks in a row. So far both episodes feature a failing restaurant (typical) and a male figure that is avoiding dealing with a personal tragedy.

Self Improvement

This one kind of counts. I got a haircut.

Not my haircut.

Not my haircut.