Dang peer pressure...

Dang peer pressure… You’ve gone and done it. You, YES YOU are to blame for this. Ya’ll are forcing me to do something I’ve never done before, again.

Every Monday, as I’m scrolling through the BIG 3 social media apps, I come across the hashtag “#MotivationMonday.” Well, today is the day I have finally been motivated. In 2019 I will complete my first (and probably only) FULL MARATHON!

I hate running, but I bought running sneakers about 2 years ago and never used them. So, tomorrow I will dust them off and start my training. If you know any good marathons in the DMV, let me know. I haven’t figured out anything past the “get out a run” part.


My Media is Social

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Podcast 020- Lori & Nicole (Rawthenticity)

Day 263.

So it’s official. I’m going on a bicycle ride from New Jersey to California. #Nj2Cali Earlier today, I informed my full-time employer and we agreed on an exit date. 

I’m looking forward to starting a new journey in my life. I’m hoping along the way I find a radio job as I cruise across America. I won’t be doing the trip alone, so I’m excited for the adventures we get into. The plan is to document most of the trip. I’ll give you an update when we figure out where these updates will be online. I plan on maintaining this blog along the way, and I hope you stick around to experience the ride.

In a way it’s scary that I’m quitting my job to ride a bike 3,000 plus miles westward. Any big change can be scary. I’m not too worried about the ride. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? I get hit by a car, eaten by a bear, bitten by a rattle snake, fall off the side of a mountain.. All that stuff could probably happen if I don’t go on the trip, too. I have most of my gear, except the bicycle, so far. I am a little worried about what I am going to do after the trip for income, but I have time to think about it while I’m peddling. I’m still trying to figure out what types of healthy food I should pack or get along the way. 

In this podcast I spoke to two raw vegans. They live a very happy, healthy lifestyle and while talking to them I got ideas for different types of meals I could prepare both in the van and on the bicycle trip. They both were born in the Northeast, moved to different parts of North America and eventually moved to their currently place in Los Angeles, California. They weren’t always raw vegans. In fact they weren’t alway “regular” vegans.. (You’ll find out the difference) 

Lori Weiss and Nicole Gregg are committed to a fruit-based, low fat raw vegan lifestyle without a microwave, stove, or a car. You can read more about them and interact with them on their blog/social media.

Blog- Rawthenticity.online

Instagram- @rawthenticity

Podcast 017- Justin & Adam Fricke (Bro'd Trip)

Day 220..

In November I applied for a job. As you know I want to be a full time Radio Producer. I know this particular radio show has a strong following and some of the fans post on Reddit. So I submitted a post asking fans of the show for any tips on how to better my chances of becoming the new Producer. A bunch of people commented and the feedback was great.(Even the negative feedback!) One person’s comment stuck with me.. "although it's intriguing you live in a van, I hope it's not all you have to talk about."

I think of that comment often. I don't just talk about my van and living in it. I'm a man! I have opinions and ideas... and yeah.. ummm well on that note I'm happy to dedicate this podcast to that person because in this podcast I had a great time talking to two brothers that are currently traveling to all 50 states while living in a van! Sounds amazing, right?! They started about a month ago and so far they are loving it.

I had a great time chatting with Justin and Adam Fricke. They are your average 20-something year old dudes, looking for more in life. They appreciate the little things and are in the middle of a big journey. I wish them safe travels! Hopefully, we can recap with them towards the end of their trip.. I may even meet up with them while I'm on my bicycle trip.(If it happens)

After listening to the podcast, please follow them on their journey:

Website: Bro'd Trip

Subscribe to their YOUTUBE channel


-Instagram @JustinFricke

-Twitter @JustinLFricke

-Facebook The Weekend Warrior

-Personal website JustinTheWeekendWarrior.com


-Instagram @AdamFricke

-Twitter @AdamFricke

-Facebook Adam Fricke Photography

-Personal website AdamFricke.com


BTW.. That position is still open.. I might be scheming. Is there anything fun to do in Rochester?

Podcast 016- Frankie Greek

Day 213

Let’s take a minute to think back… Way back. I mean further back than your last #ThrowbackThursday post. Way before smartphones, laptops, walkmen, or even an alarm clock existed. Think back to a time when the invention of the wheel was a technological breakthrough. Did the elder cave people shun the younger, hipper cave people for using the wheel to transport items? I like to imagine so, because when you fast forward through time to 2016, people like you and I get harassed by elders about being on our phones all the time. We don’t go outside enough. We don’t appreciate life. Apparently, when you’re older and not active with modern technology you're wise beyond your years even without having experience with what you're criticizing. 

With a click of a button you can see or hear pretty much anything. I am glad to say I use technology to my advantage. It gives me the ability to write this blog from my van. Technology is the reason I can power my electronics with my portable solar panel generator. Thank you technology, because of you, reading this blog is possible all around the world and the people reading it either are entertained or disgusted by my last 213 days.

This podcast I spent some time with someone who grew up with a very different environment then the one she lives in now. Her life revolves around social media, and I don’t mean she posts a lot of silly cat photos on Facebook. 

Frankie Greek is a Social Media Wiz Kid and a Snapchat Producer. (Don’t worry she explains what a “Snapchat Producer” is in the podcast) She is affiliated with the Shorty Awards and hosts a show called WWW. on the Shorty Awards snapchat every Wednesday night.

I had a great time talking to her about her life and social media in general. I repeated say "THAT'S COOL", so you know I enjoyed the conversation. (I'm working on that)  She gave me some tips on how to market my website and my future plans of riding a bike across America. 

You can follow her all over the internet:

Snapchat: WTFrankie

Twitter: @FrankieGreek

Instagram: @WhatTheFrankie

The Short Awards

With these three accounts you can find out way more about her and please make sure to follow her!

Podcast 015- Joe Mineo w/GetJollie.org

Day 205

It’s January.. It’s cold.. I still live in a van. Not much has changed. Tomorrow I’ll be a Billionaire. Thank you for donating to my Powerball winnings!

It’s funny how that happens. One day you’re doing the same old routine and the next day one event can change everything. One day I made fruit baskets for a living, the next day I didn’t. One day I paid rent, the next day I didn’t. One day I didn’t have a website, the next day I did. One day I didn’t have a van, the next day I did.. You get the point!

Sometimes life is a bumpy road and sometimes it’s smooth sailing. Yes, I’m just rambling. Stalling you could say. But why?! I have no clue. This is my website and I can ramble on like Led Zeppelin if I want. Thank you for reading all of that.

January is Thyroid Awareness Month #ProtectYaNeck

How do I know this? Well, I had a chance to chat it up with Joe Mineo, founder of The Jollie Organization. He is a 24-year-old media professional currently based in the greater Philadelphia Area.  GetJollie.org is geared towards helping out in any way they can. No matter who you are, what you do, or where you go, they’re here to support charities big or small by getting the word out and promoting.

Joe and I talk about running track, entering the real world after college, the radio industry, “learning something new everyday”, running 52 5K’s in 52 weeks, The Jollie Board, and much much more!

Check out Joe Mineo’s social media

Website: GetJollie.org

Twitter: @GetJollie

Instagram @GetJollie


Reach Joe MIneo directly:

Twitter: @gcfmineo

Oh and Run Gum! GetRunGum.com

Podcast 003- Allie Volpe

Day 42! Life is good, life is great, life is wonderful. 

Allie Volpe joins the podcast. She writes about Music and Entertainment for Philly.com. She also tweets a lot (@allieevolpe) and likes cookies. 


Check out Allie's Tumblr! You can see her hiking video HERE



Ju-lie Babbo Natale

This past weekend I ran into someone I haven't spoken to in a very long time. It was a very brief encounter; we exchanged a few words, shook hands and went on our merry (separate) way. It's funny how people change over the years. I remember spending hours as a child trying to figure out ways to hang out with him and I even wrote him a few letters, too. I would ask my parents to invite him to dinner, or at least let me go visit him. They would always explain to me that he lived very far away. 

My friend and I never planned to meet up but he always seemed to be around in December, right around my birthday. The times we did meet up usually happened at the mall or he would come visit me at school. No matter how long we spent apart, it would be as if we were never seperated. I went back to telling him everything I wanted to tell him and his face would light up like a Christmas tree with excitement. As the years went on the conversations got shorter and shorter and our interactions would happen less and less, till they stopped taking place all together. I would still see him at the same places but neither of us would make an effort to start up a conversation. 

Back then I didn't think anything of it but sadly, after this weekend, I realized we both lost that twinkle that used to shine in our eyes when we used to see each other. Don't get me wrong, it was great seeing him after all these years. It was just different and it got me thinking how over the years I've met so many people and some of those relationships have faded away, as well. 

I've always thought of contacting someone randomly, via social media, to hang out, catch up, grab a bite to eat, maybe a drink or two.. something along those lines. But then a little voice in my head has always stopped me. 

"oh, that's just creepy"

"don't be that guy"

"hmm.. let's do this another time"

(This is usually when I delete the text message I already typed into my mobile phone and proof read 5 times)

Today I realized I shouldn't let that little voice control my original intentions. 

WOW.. I got off topic a bit. I just wanted to share with you that I saw an old friend the other day and we had good time catching up. I'm hoping I run into other old friends, in the near future, and get a chance to catch up with them too. 

Thanks for stopping by.

PS. Here's a picture of my friend and I.

I was always under the assumption he lived at the North Pole.. He told me he lives in Toms River. Must be a summer home while he's on vacation. IDK. What is Christmas in July?


Day 28