My CBS Radio Experience

Radio History: CBS Radio was launched in 1928 as the Columbia Broadcasting System by William S. Paley. 

My History: Back in 2010 I was a college student at Rowan University, in South Jersey. At the time I was the Operations Manager at WGLS-- Rowan Radio! One afternoon, the Station Manager pulled me aside and asked me what my plans were after college. I said I wanted to work in radio at a Rock station, but I was willing to work anywhere to start. After a few minutes of chatting he basically told me he could get me an interview with a Program Director at a radio station in Philadelphia. The conversation ended with me saying “thank you” and him looking me in the eyes and saying “don’t fuck it up.”

I interviewed to be a Board Operator at a music station. The shift they were offering was Saturday overnights. Basically, my role would have been pushing buttons and pulling faders while most of the East Coast was either ordering their last drink at the bar or sleeping.

I don’t remember the exact details, but I’m pretty sure the PD told me before the interview was over that they were looking for a more experienced candidate. So I went back to my Station Manager and told him how everything went and after a few more minutes of chatting, again, he presented me another opportunity and reminded me.. "don't fuck it up.”

Interview #2 took place for a different station, with a different PD but in the same building and the same floor as the first interview. This interview was for the same position, as a Board Op, but instead of music, the station format was Political Talk. Also, there was opportunity for more hours during all dayparts. I would also work with Hosts directly and was expected to research news stories and help generate show content. I left that interview pretty confident I didn’t get the job; 1. I didn’t have any clue what was going on in the political world, at the time and 2. I wasn’t “qualified” based the minimal requirements I didn’t meet and was needed at the other radio station that didn’t hire me.

To make a very long story short.. I did get hired at the Political Talk radio station a few weeks later in August 2010. Overall, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about the industry. I worked with a wide variety of hosts on live/prerecorded shows involving financial advice, sports, medical advice, home repair, law advice, and even a weekly show dedicated to Frank Sinatra.. I booked guests.. I worked on live college/professional sporting events.. I created show facebook pages and helped hosts create Twitter accounts.. The list goes on but most important of all.. I started my career in the Radio Industry.


Thank you CBS Radio for giving a guy without an internship or any prior “real radio” experience a chance.

Here's a link to more CBS Radio history in detail: LINK



Podcast 021- Sebastian (The Woody Show Producer)

Day 281..

Things have been going great, lately. I gave my job a 6 week notice that I’m leaving for a cross country bicycle ride from the Jersey Shore to California, I’ve been setting up some great future guests to interview on my podcast and #VanLife has been better than I’ve expected. I had an interview for a Producer job in Michigan, last week. The interview was a little rocky, but I’m not stressing over it because my main focus right now is the bicycle trip. 

I have no clue what my future has in store for me. Either way, I’m content with taking life day by day. I know I haven’t started the bicycle ride yet, but I feel like it’s going to be a great experience and a good reminder of that “day-to-day” mentality. The goal is to start by touching tires in the Atlantic Ocean and finishing the ride with my tires in the Pacific Ocean. This whole van experience has really changed the way I look at life, and in many ways the bike trip and my career path are parallel to each other. I’m not sure exactly how long either journey will take me to reach my destination, but I plan on hitting them both head on. All I need to do is keep pushing forward and I’ll reach my goal. In a way my motivation for this trip is the same motivation that pushes me to one day obtain my dream career. I’m not going to sit back and wait. And for those who can’t picture my motive, I had a sign made up that says “Are you hiring a Radio Producer?” We’ll see what comes of that. I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I land a job while on the road. 

Speaking of vans and Radio Producers.. I had a nice chat with a Radio Producer based out of Los Angels. His name is Sebastian and he works on The Woody Show. You can tune in to the show Monday - Friday 6a-10a PT on ALT 98.7. Sebastian is a really cool, down to earth guy who lives in a RV somewhere in Hollywood. Seems like we have some similarities. 


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Podcast 018- Gianna & Dro

Day 233!


Gianna joins the podcast and we talk about life. Simple topic, right?

This one is a bit long but it's worth it! We covered topics such as politics, my three-strike rule, jail reform, dating advice, and my family issues. I give an update on what has come from my Rochester visit and I realize, today, I revolve my life around saving money.


BONUS! Celebrity crushes.


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Day 186- Merry Christmas!

Day 186

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus! Nice seeing you Santa!

The last few years I’ve been working Christmas Day. This year is no different. Mainly because I don’t typically celebrate the “family” holidays. So I rather give others the opportunity the be with their families. No matter what you celebrate or even if you don’t celebrate anything, I truly believe this time of the year is a perfect time to reflect on the past and to get ready for a fresh start. In a way this is my last obligatory good deed. I like working in radio and I love being behind an audioboard. So why not spend Christmas Day in the studio? Don’t worry I’ll be spending some time with friends and familia later today. 

It’s been over half a year in the van. I’m still working on the website, but for the most part van life has been great. The weather has been awesome! It’s 70 degrees today!

I’ve been running around for my birthday and getting ready for the end of the year. Maybe I’ve been skimping on blog posts and podcasts too. More to come in the near future. Today I’d like to repost one of my podcasts that are more in season.I posted a podcast with Mike Drake- The Krampus Expert on October 9th (Original post/podcast is up for download HERE) It’s kind of a reminder that 1. I’m still here and 2. Some people celebrate this time of the year differently.

I wish everyone all the best and Happy Holidays!

Two Weeks

I spent almost a full year talking about it. I spent many months planning for it. Countless hours daydreaming and fantasizing if it was even a feasible idea. At times I would bring it up joking, and then other times I spent time defending my plan. It’s funny because looking back on my actions, I realize I did almost the same thing when I was contemplating a career in Broadcasting. Originally I was a Business major, but then one day I flipped a switch in my brain and I handed in a change of major request form. The rest is history. I’ve been working in the industry with various jobs since 2010.

So two weeks ago I finally did it. Did what? I donated most of my belongings, I traded in my car, bought a van and started a new, minimalistic chapter in my life. My goal is to still be successful working in the radio industry, and at the same time I don’t feel the need to be tied down to any given location. I believe the term is NOMAD. It sounds crazy, believe me, I know. But I’m happy. Keep in mind at any point I can go back to, living a conventional lifestyle and sign a lease at a fancy apartment complex. I’m not jobless, nor am I homeless. This machine on wheels, at least for the past two weeks, is my home. I’m just a dude in a van.

So why did I type this? Why am I posting this on a website? Why am I really living in a van? The most simple way I can answer all those questions is….. You’re going to have to stay tuned in to find out.

I’m going to use this website to document my journey, finally get my podcast off the ground, and hopefully one day land my dream job as a Radio Producer. In the meantime I’m learning to live a stress free life and enjoying the simple things in my life. Thanks for stopping by and please spread the word! & go to the same place.

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“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else” –Les Brown