Mt. Rocky

I'm pretty sure I messed up the count. So I'm done with that. July 1st will be 1 year of living in a van, rent free. It's been 57 days since I left New Jersey on a bicycle.  

Colorado has the most beautiful scenery. Well, if you don't include eastern Colorado.  That place is worst than Kansas. We hit 11,000+ feet of elevation soon. Monarch Pass.. That might be the highest point I reach while taking the Western Express to San Francisco.  Altitude Sickness is no joke. You know things aren't going well when you have to remind yourself to breath. 

If you think riding a bicycle across the country is crazy then you haven't talked to any hikers. I met these two dudes, Baker and Cheetah, they are hiking up towards Canada. I think they started separately around Mexico.  

I had a job interview, over the phone, the other day. I might be back in Ozark country again. I'll keep you posted. 

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Kansas isn't flat

Day 358


My whole life I've been told Kansas is flat. It's disappointing when you catch the world in a lie. So far, the eastern part of Kansas has been long, extended hills. If you factor in the headwinds and the eighteen wheelers blasting you with a side wind that pushes you off the road... This state is horrible for people riding bicycles across the country. Luckily, the hills should end soon. West of Witchita, the rumors are, it's flat. Soooo flat that you can see for miles and miles and miles. The kicker is there is nothing to see. So you have wind in your face, preventing you from peddling fast. Wind from your side because of big trucks, pushing you off the road. And, you have nothing to look at. Total mind F! 


I've applied to a few Radio Producer jobs while out on the road. I've also contacted/stopped in a few radio stations that I've passed on the trip. Ideally, it would be awesome to secure a job before I end the trip. I really just want to move out of New Jersey, so any radio job would be awesome. (I'm not only apply for Producer jobs) I guess that's why Uber and Lyft are a thing. When I get back if nothing pans out I'll just drive you wonderful people from the bar to your homes.  


No regrets. Nothing to it but to do it.  


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Coast 2 Coast Bicycle Adventure 2016


 Random sights in Kansas

Random sights in Kansas


A Confused State of Mind

Day 351.. I feel like somewhere I miscounted.  

That's not the reason I'm confused though. I'm currently in Missouri, the county I'm in is Texas, and I'm in the middle of a town called Houston. Say what?! 

38 days to get to Houston with 5 rest days, ain't bad, right? 

These hills in the Ozark Mountains are killing me. The scenery in this part of Missouri is beautiful though. So it's pretty much an even trade. Hard work all day and in return you get to see sights, like in the picture below. We hope to be in Kansas before the end of the week. Since Kansas is flat, I'm hoping we get atleast one day done with 100+ miles. 


100 years of racing

Hello all. Day 338. 

I'm in Indianapolis.. I rely on my iPhone's autocorrect to spell "Indanapolis." The city is pretty busy because it's the 100th race at the Indy Speedway. It's the first time in 50 years that it's sold out, so locally they won't black it out on TV. The locals are pretty exited. It's interesting from a TV/Radio background. I guess. Our goal today is to be in Illinois by the end of the day.  We don't have a place to sleep planned out, yet. I'm kinda looking forward to stealth camping or knocking on a farmer's front door and asking to borrow some of 'ye ol' land.' If you know what I mean? The app Warmshowers has been awesome so far. All the people on the app hosting are very generous. I'm about to use it all the time when I get back to #VanLife. 

That's all for now.

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Til next time y'all! Heading west to San Fran! 


Ohio State

Day 334.. 

Prior to yesterday, I had no clue Ohio State University is located in Columbus. The city itself was pretty empty. It was raining heavily as we rode around. Columbus is a very bicycle friendly city, lots and lots of bike lanes and paths. Tomorrow, the plan is to make it to Springfield, Ohio. 

I hate to say this but I don't really miss the van. It's been raining a lot on this trip but I'm still glad I took the leap. To be honest, it was really hard for me to quit my job. While visiting the OSU campus today, I thought about my time going to Rowan University. The only reason I went to Rowan was because I really liked to radio studio they had on campus. Lucky for me it sort of worked out, because before I graduated I started working for CBS Radio in Philly. I tweeted out to two stations in Columbus. I wanted to show them the cool hello sign I have on my bike. 

Even if I don't end up finding a job in radio after this trip is over, at least I'll have an amazing experience to share with others.   


Stay tuned.  




Nothing New.. Everything New.

331 days living rent free. Nothing new there.  

18 days of riding a bicycle.. That's sorta new. 

For a while I didn't know if I was going to make it out of Pennsylvania. The hills were out of control and I packed way too much stuff onto my bike. I'm planning on mailing clothes and other items back to New Jersey on our next rest day. Now that I'm in Ohio, there are less hills and riding is much more enjoyable. Especially since it's not raining everyday and we've had some really nice, sunny days. 

I'm posting a lot of videos and pictures on Snapchat and my other social media. Check it out!


Day 304.. SAY WHAT!?

Today is a bit of a scary day.. It's officially my last day of work. OMG! What am I doing with my life? I quit my full time job to ride a bicycle across the country. 

Actually, THIS IS AMAZING! Two months on the road, peddling towards the Pacific Ocean. Besides getting to the Pacific Ocean, my only other objective is to not get eaten by a bear. We pretty much have all our equipment for the trip. We still need to get smaller items like bug spray and suntan lotion. Oh.. and we still need to figure out exactly where we want to start in New Jersey. We all agreed we want to start at the Atlantic Ocean, but we haven’t decided what town.

Also, I did a few searches on Google Maps and it looks like getting out of New Jersey on a bicycle going east to west is a challenge. I hope we make it. 

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Side note.. Sorry Prince, but I'm going to act my shoe size, not my age, for the next two months! RIP

Podcast 021- Sebastian (The Woody Show Producer)

Day 281..

Things have been going great, lately. I gave my job a 6 week notice that I’m leaving for a cross country bicycle ride from the Jersey Shore to California, I’ve been setting up some great future guests to interview on my podcast and #VanLife has been better than I’ve expected. I had an interview for a Producer job in Michigan, last week. The interview was a little rocky, but I’m not stressing over it because my main focus right now is the bicycle trip. 

I have no clue what my future has in store for me. Either way, I’m content with taking life day by day. I know I haven’t started the bicycle ride yet, but I feel like it’s going to be a great experience and a good reminder of that “day-to-day” mentality. The goal is to start by touching tires in the Atlantic Ocean and finishing the ride with my tires in the Pacific Ocean. This whole van experience has really changed the way I look at life, and in many ways the bike trip and my career path are parallel to each other. I’m not sure exactly how long either journey will take me to reach my destination, but I plan on hitting them both head on. All I need to do is keep pushing forward and I’ll reach my goal. In a way my motivation for this trip is the same motivation that pushes me to one day obtain my dream career. I’m not going to sit back and wait. And for those who can’t picture my motive, I had a sign made up that says “Are you hiring a Radio Producer?” We’ll see what comes of that. I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I land a job while on the road. 

Speaking of vans and Radio Producers.. I had a nice chat with a Radio Producer based out of Los Angels. His name is Sebastian and he works on The Woody Show. You can tune in to the show Monday - Friday 6a-10a PT on ALT 98.7. Sebastian is a really cool, down to earth guy who lives in a RV somewhere in Hollywood. Seems like we have some similarities. 


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