As you can tell by the title of this blog post, not much has changed with me. That’s partly why I haven’t posted anything in a while. 

I’ll start with some positives: 

  • I just got back from an industry fantasy football draft at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I spent a few days with some of the top fantasy football minds. 

  • My buddy asked me to officiate his wedding. I’ve been studying / doing mock ceremonies in my living room with stuffed animals. (I’ve never officiated a wedding before, but I’ve been an Ordained Minister for a while)

  •  I’ve been podcasting with my boy Ani. You can can find every episode under the “PODCAST” tab, right here on my page! #FridayFriends (Check out the new logo)

  • I lost about 8 pounds and I can fit in my pants again.

Ok.. Let me get to why #MyLifeIsAMess. I get out of work around 2-3am most days. In the DC metro area public transportation isn’t fully running at that hour, so I drive to work. When I get home 9 out of 10 times the parking lot to my apartment building is full. The free street parking around my apartment building is full. About 4-5 blocks away, there’s available parking but all cars need to be moved by 8am. I don’t mind the walk, right now while it’s summer, but I’m not a big fan of getting home, sleeping for a couple hours, walking back to my car and moving it to my lot before 8 am. Keep in mind, I’m not the only one circling around looking for a spot either. Picture starving sharks circling around looking for something to attack. That’s what it feels like.

MY SOLUTION: Instead of driving around looking for parking when I get out of work, I’ve been driving for rideshare companies until 4-5 in the morning. The ultimate side hustle flex! I live in the middle of 3 airports and I’ve had a steady amount of rides every night. Most nights, I have rides that head towards where I live and I periodically get a chance to check for open spots in between rides, but for the most part nothing has opened up before 4:30am. The people I pick up are a cast of characters and it’s been pretty entertaining.

My question to you is: What would you do? Would you rideshare side hustle or would you just park a few blocks away and move your far a couple hours later?

My girlfriend wears the pants... I wear the gown.

On February 19th I posted that I was going to start training for a full marathon.  Feb 19th POST

Honestly, I haven’t done any running yet, but I have done a little walking. The pneumonia kind. Walking pneumonia. The day after I posted about running again, my body decides that’s not a good idea.

Prior to me knowing I had pneums I tried self medicating with some over the counter drugs. A little NyQuil™ here, a little DayQuil™ there… a sprinkle of Benadryl... a long list of teas and other herbs and spices. I lived off dry toast & over the counter liquid gold for a few days. I thought I was getting better but my girlfriend was not impressed.

Here’s the reason my wonderful girlfriend wears the pants in the relationship and I wear a gown.


She basically forced me to go to the doctor by setting up an appointment for me. She called me on her way home from work, and told me it was time to man up & go to the doctor. While I was coughing and trying to tell her I was fine and getting better, I received a text message from a doctor’s office confirming that I had an appointment in 1 hour. I told her I’d meet her outside when she gets home, so she could drive me to the office.

After a few minutes with the doctor and a quick x-ray, he confirmed it was more then just a little cold. I had full blown pneumonia.

You can understand why I hate running. Thinking of running gives me pneumonia.

P.S. I lost about 8 pounds from this, so it’s sorta like I was running the whole time. (Gotta stay positive)

5 People I want to buy a cup of coffee

In 2019 there are 5 people I want to buy a cup of coffee. Here’s my list:

5. Redman - Rapper/Record Producer/Actor @therealredman

He’s a Jersey guy. His music is dope. Best MTV Cribs of all time.

I honestly think we’d become best friends and he’d even be ok with me calling him Regi. Redman would probably order a Caramel Frappuccino, extra caramel.

4. Tig Notaro - Stand-up Comic/Writer/Actress @TigNotaro

She has a great approach and delivery to her comedy. Who doesn’t like stand-up with life threatening scenarios & sock puppets? Tig probably would order a Chai Latte.

3. John Turturro - Actor/Writer/Filmmaker @JohnMTurturro

Okay, John is basically that friend you never personally invite anywhere but he’s always at the group meetup. He’s in every random movie you select on Netflix. He has great range as an actor and I expect he’ll order an Espresso.

2. Daniel Norris - MLB Pitcher @DanielNorris18

This one is a bit obvious.. He’s a sports figure who lived in a van. I’m a Fantasy Sports Radio Producer who lived in a van. Umm.. Yeah, we are basically related. No matter what he orders I’d probably gift him with the GSI Java Drip Portable Coffee System. It’s great for off the grid livin’.

1. Matt Pinfield - TV/Radio Personality @mattpinfield

Also a Jersey native. He’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything music. When I rode my bicycle from NJ to San Fran, I reached out to Matt about meeting up. Some scheduling conflicts on both ends prevented the meet up, but in 2019 I’m hoping we finally make this happen. I’d probably just offer him some SiriusXM community coffee at work, and pick his brain about the 80’s East Brunswick music scene. I imagine he likes his sugar with coffee and cream.

Who’s on your Top 5 list?

Honorable Mentions:

Drew Brees-NFL Quarterback, Les Claypool-Musician, Missy Elliott-Musician, Larry David-Comedian  

Dang peer pressure...

Dang peer pressure… You’ve gone and done it. You, YES YOU are to blame for this. Ya’ll are forcing me to do something I’ve never done before, again.

Every Monday, as I’m scrolling through the BIG 3 social media apps, I come across the hashtag “#MotivationMonday.” Well, today is the day I have finally been motivated. In 2019 I will complete my first (and probably only) FULL MARATHON!

I hate running, but I bought running sneakers about 2 years ago and never used them. So, tomorrow I will dust them off and start my training. If you know any good marathons in the DMV, let me know. I haven’t figured out anything past the “get out a run” part.


Here's what happened to me

Have you ever left a note on someone’s car? Have you ever replied to a note that someone else left on someone else’s car?

Here’s what happened to me..

After work one day, I was walking back to my car, parked in a parking garage, and I noticed something on my windshield. I found not one but two notes. Enjoy!


Keep in mind the person who left the first note was parked to the left. If they couldn’t open their driver side door, how did they get into their car to drive away?

I wish the note had that question answered.

6.25.18 Weekly Recap

6.25.18 Weekly Recap

Here are a few news stories that caught my eye this week.


#PermitPatty & Friends CBS News

A few weeks ago Barbecue Becky called the police on a group of people barbecuing in a park in Oakland, CA. Then this week started with Permit Patty near AT&T Park and ended with Burrito Bob on the BART. Not only is the Bay Area extremely expensive to live at, apparently,  everyone there is a snitch. Let people BBQ. Let children sell water bottles. Never, and I mean NEVER interrupt someone’s burrito eating session. That’s just wrong. If you have a problem with people enjoying a summer day with a BBQ or you don’t like a little girl selling water to save up for a vacation or you don’t like a man eating one of the top 5 best foods, then you have problems. DON’T CALL THE POLICE!

LeBron is Free ESPN

It’s official, LeBron James declines his player option and becomes a free agent. Laker LeBron?

Annapolis shooting Baltimore Sun 

This hits home in a few ways. 1. I am a member of the media. 2. I live less than 45 mins away from this tragedy. My main takeaway from this, so far, is you shouldn’t hold grudges. Find ways to let go of things you have no control of.


This Week’s Show

I watched Gordon Ramsay’s new show Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back, 2 weeks in a row. So far both episodes feature a failing restaurant (typical) and a male figure that is avoiding dealing with a personal tragedy.

Self Improvement

This one kind of counts. I got a haircut.

Not my haircut.

Not my haircut.

6.18.18 Weekly Recap

6.18.18 Weekly Recap

Here are a few articles that caught my eye this week.

This is Why I Don’t Ride ABC13 Houston

Over in Daytona Beach, Florida, they have people falling off roller coasters. 1. This isn’t even a weird story compared to the other nonsense that goes on in Florida. 2. I’m about to reinstall the Roller Coaster Tycoon app on my phone.


Consensual Torture Miami Herald

Here’s a case where we need Leonidas to kick another dude into an endless pit. His son could watch this too. 


A $132,000 Mistake The KC Star

Basically, a kid is running around a community center doing whatever he wants and then he knocks over a statue. Now the parents refuse to pay for the damages. I don’t blame the parents either. I wouldn’t pay for my dumb kid’s stupid mistake. The kid needs to pay. He’s young enough that if we start garnishing his wages now, he’ll, have it paid off in no time. If the parents end up paying for this, they could chalk it up to a life lesson and they no longer have to pay for his college education, AKA a $132,000 mistake.


Phil Mickelson Putting Phiasco ESPN

Just watch the video…


Trump Signs an Executive Order CBS News

Probably the biggest story of the week. Soooo basically we have these kids. Maybe they are in cages. Maybe families are being separated. Maybe the kids weren’t with their families when they came to America and that’s why we separated them. I don’t know if anyone really knows. At first, Kirstjen Nielsen got on TV and said only Congress could fix this issue, but then Trump signs an executive order and by him doing that he "fixes" the issue without Congress. Regardless, political Twitter still isn’t happy on both sides. Please tell me, what is the solution to all of this?


This Week’s Show

World Cup: I’m rooting for Spain. Why? Well, my parents had their honeymoon in Spain and it’s very clear when you look at the timeline, that’s where I was… “created”.

Self Improvement

If you’re going through a rough patch in life, you need to look up “Law of Attraction” on Google. LoA is the belief that by focusing on positive thoughts you can bring positive experiences into your life. The same works for if you have negative thoughts you can bring negative experience into your life. I’m trying it out myself. Who knows if this really works. My closest experience with this is I spent 3 months on a bicycle thinking positively about getting a Radio Producer job and I was hired within days of finishing my trip. Probably just a coincidence.

6.11.18 Weekly Recap

6.11.18 Weekly Recap

Here are a few articles that caught my eye this week. 

Davidson-Grande Engagement TMZ

Will this be a big deal in 5 years? I have nothing invested in this. All I know about Pete Davidson is he’s on SNL and he jokes about his dad dying on 9/11, and all I know about Ariana Grande is she does those song mashups with Jimmy Fallon. Honestly, I hope this motivates Mac Miller to make better music.


Andrew unLucky SB Nation

This link is a great way to stay up-to-date with his progress. As of June 12th he throws a football in OTAs to a very large man who skips away with the ball after the catch.


California Divided LA Times

California can do whatever it wants. The real state that needs to divide is New Jersey. North Jersey, South Jersey, and CENTRAL Jersey! Yes, Central Jersey is a real thing.


Kim visits Trump visits Kim CNN

Look, if you don’t know anything about this, then you can not be saved. The was the biggest story of the week. The peculiar chain of events that took place is the most interesting part. Kim Kardashian meets Trump at the White House. Then Trump meets with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Somehow Dennis Rodman gets in the mix and has an epic meltdown on television. You can imagine why I left Political Talk radio.


Jogger Does a Little House Cleaning CBS News

A shirtless jogger was caught on camera throwing a homeless man's belongings into a nearby lake. If you didn’t see this then watch the video. My advice is if you have a problem with someone’s “trash” and “piss jugs” don’t touch it and move it around and then proceed to touch your face without washing up after... Leave the homeless people alone if you’re not going to help them. Throwing away their possession isn’t helping them. Agreed? Agreed.

This Week's Show

The Staircase: I finished watching this crime, drama-documentary series. No spoilers here. Just watch it if you liked Evil Genius and Making a Murderer on Netflix.


Self Improvement

I’m working on writing more and posting regularly on my blog. I figured a great way to start this is to commit to a weekly recap.