As you can tell by the title of this blog post, not much has changed with me. That’s partly why I haven’t posted anything in a while. 

I’ll start with some positives: 

  • I just got back from an industry fantasy football draft at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I spent a few days with some of the top fantasy football minds. 

  • My buddy asked me to officiate his wedding. I’ve been studying / doing mock ceremonies in my living room with stuffed animals. (I’ve never officiated a wedding before, but I’ve been an Ordained Minister for a while)

  •  I’ve been podcasting with my boy Ani. You can can find every episode under the “PODCAST” tab, right here on my page! #FridayFriends (Check out the new logo)

  • I lost about 8 pounds and I can fit in my pants again.

Ok.. Let me get to why #MyLifeIsAMess. I get out of work around 2-3am most days. In the DC metro area public transportation isn’t fully running at that hour, so I drive to work. When I get home 9 out of 10 times the parking lot to my apartment building is full. The free street parking around my apartment building is full. About 4-5 blocks away, there’s available parking but all cars need to be moved by 8am. I don’t mind the walk, right now while it’s summer, but I’m not a big fan of getting home, sleeping for a couple hours, walking back to my car and moving it to my lot before 8 am. Keep in mind, I’m not the only one circling around looking for a spot either. Picture starving sharks circling around looking for something to attack. That’s what it feels like.

MY SOLUTION: Instead of driving around looking for parking when I get out of work, I’ve been driving for rideshare companies until 4-5 in the morning. The ultimate side hustle flex! I live in the middle of 3 airports and I’ve had a steady amount of rides every night. Most nights, I have rides that head towards where I live and I periodically get a chance to check for open spots in between rides, but for the most part nothing has opened up before 4:30am. The people I pick up are a cast of characters and it’s been pretty entertaining.

My question to you is: What would you do? Would you rideshare side hustle or would you just park a few blocks away and move your far a couple hours later?

Here's what happened to me

Have you ever left a note on someone’s car? Have you ever replied to a note that someone else left on someone else’s car?

Here’s what happened to me..

After work one day, I was walking back to my car, parked in a parking garage, and I noticed something on my windshield. I found not one but two notes. Enjoy!


Keep in mind the person who left the first note was parked to the left. If they couldn’t open their driver side door, how did they get into their car to drive away?

I wish the note had that question answered.

"Win a game."

We are a little over a week into 2018 and by far this is my most successful year on social media, so far. On January 1st, I tweeted out this..

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.14.11 AM.png

I still fully intend to keep up with my plan of following people on twitter. (I just figured it’s easier following the most people on Twitter vs. obtaining the most followers on Twitter.)

On January 6th at 11am I replyed to a tweet about the Cleveland Browns.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.13.40 AM.png

Over 450 likes on the most simple tweet!

“Win a game.”

Since I'm famous now... I want to remind you. You can accomplish anything. Just keep your eye on the prize.

The tweet that started my fame







Month to Month to Me

Here’s one sentence that recaps something new that happened

to me every month starting from May 2016


May- I left New Jersey on a bicycle with my two friends from college.

June- I visited the Gateway Arch in St. Louis for the first time.

July- I fell in love and then two hours later hated Utah.

August- I flew back to New Jersey after visiting California for the first time.

September- I started a new job at SiriusXM.

October- I obtained a driver's license, for the first time in my life, that doesn't say "New Jersey" on it.

November- I tried to avoid all political facebook posts.

December- I turned 28 years old for the first time.

January- I became an Ordained Minister.


February- I completed certification courses in Fundamentals of Project Management, Achieving Personal Success, and Introduction to Time Managment.

March- I delivered for UberEATS on a bicycle.

April- I started cleaning out the van with intensions to sell it later this year.


My Media is Social

If it happened, it's here..

Podcast 021- Sebastian (The Woody Show Producer)

Day 281..

Things have been going great, lately. I gave my job a 6 week notice that I’m leaving for a cross country bicycle ride from the Jersey Shore to California, I’ve been setting up some great future guests to interview on my podcast and #VanLife has been better than I’ve expected. I had an interview for a Producer job in Michigan, last week. The interview was a little rocky, but I’m not stressing over it because my main focus right now is the bicycle trip. 

I have no clue what my future has in store for me. Either way, I’m content with taking life day by day. I know I haven’t started the bicycle ride yet, but I feel like it’s going to be a great experience and a good reminder of that “day-to-day” mentality. The goal is to start by touching tires in the Atlantic Ocean and finishing the ride with my tires in the Pacific Ocean. This whole van experience has really changed the way I look at life, and in many ways the bike trip and my career path are parallel to each other. I’m not sure exactly how long either journey will take me to reach my destination, but I plan on hitting them both head on. All I need to do is keep pushing forward and I’ll reach my goal. In a way my motivation for this trip is the same motivation that pushes me to one day obtain my dream career. I’m not going to sit back and wait. And for those who can’t picture my motive, I had a sign made up that says “Are you hiring a Radio Producer?” We’ll see what comes of that. I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I land a job while on the road. 

Speaking of vans and Radio Producers.. I had a nice chat with a Radio Producer based out of Los Angels. His name is Sebastian and he works on The Woody Show. You can tune in to the show Monday - Friday 6a-10a PT on ALT 98.7. Sebastian is a really cool, down to earth guy who lives in a RV somewhere in Hollywood. Seems like we have some similarities. 


Follow him online!

The Woody Show Website

Sebastian's Twitter

Podcast 017- Justin & Adam Fricke (Bro'd Trip)

Day 220..

In November I applied for a job. As you know I want to be a full time Radio Producer. I know this particular radio show has a strong following and some of the fans post on Reddit. So I submitted a post asking fans of the show for any tips on how to better my chances of becoming the new Producer. A bunch of people commented and the feedback was great.(Even the negative feedback!) One person’s comment stuck with me.. "although it's intriguing you live in a van, I hope it's not all you have to talk about."

I think of that comment often. I don't just talk about my van and living in it. I'm a man! I have opinions and ideas... and yeah.. ummm well on that note I'm happy to dedicate this podcast to that person because in this podcast I had a great time talking to two brothers that are currently traveling to all 50 states while living in a van! Sounds amazing, right?! They started about a month ago and so far they are loving it.

I had a great time chatting with Justin and Adam Fricke. They are your average 20-something year old dudes, looking for more in life. They appreciate the little things and are in the middle of a big journey. I wish them safe travels! Hopefully, we can recap with them towards the end of their trip.. I may even meet up with them while I'm on my bicycle trip.(If it happens)

After listening to the podcast, please follow them on their journey:

Website: Bro'd Trip

Subscribe to their YOUTUBE channel


-Instagram @JustinFricke

-Twitter @JustinLFricke

-Facebook The Weekend Warrior

-Personal website JustinTheWeekendWarrior.com


-Instagram @AdamFricke

-Twitter @AdamFricke

-Facebook Adam Fricke Photography

-Personal website AdamFricke.com


BTW.. That position is still open.. I might be scheming. Is there anything fun to do in Rochester?

Podcast 016- Frankie Greek

Day 213

Let’s take a minute to think back… Way back. I mean further back than your last #ThrowbackThursday post. Way before smartphones, laptops, walkmen, or even an alarm clock existed. Think back to a time when the invention of the wheel was a technological breakthrough. Did the elder cave people shun the younger, hipper cave people for using the wheel to transport items? I like to imagine so, because when you fast forward through time to 2016, people like you and I get harassed by elders about being on our phones all the time. We don’t go outside enough. We don’t appreciate life. Apparently, when you’re older and not active with modern technology you're wise beyond your years even without having experience with what you're criticizing. 

With a click of a button you can see or hear pretty much anything. I am glad to say I use technology to my advantage. It gives me the ability to write this blog from my van. Technology is the reason I can power my electronics with my portable solar panel generator. Thank you technology, because of you, reading this blog is possible all around the world and the people reading it either are entertained or disgusted by my last 213 days.

This podcast I spent some time with someone who grew up with a very different environment then the one she lives in now. Her life revolves around social media, and I don’t mean she posts a lot of silly cat photos on Facebook. 

Frankie Greek is a Social Media Wiz Kid and a Snapchat Producer. (Don’t worry she explains what a “Snapchat Producer” is in the podcast) She is affiliated with the Shorty Awards and hosts a show called WWW. on the Shorty Awards snapchat every Wednesday night.

I had a great time talking to her about her life and social media in general. I repeated say "THAT'S COOL", so you know I enjoyed the conversation. (I'm working on that)  She gave me some tips on how to market my website and my future plans of riding a bike across America. 

You can follow her all over the internet:

Snapchat: WTFrankie

Twitter: @FrankieGreek

Instagram: @WhatTheFrankie

The Short Awards

With these three accounts you can find out way more about her and please make sure to follow her!

Day 114

It's my second day in Chicago.

This city is beautiful. I think I'm going to be a true tourist and do one of those segway tours. I kinda want to move here.

I've been leaving my Dude In Van business card at all the shops and resturants I stop at, and I think most people have been throwing them out. No worries. I'm still having a great time.

Yesterday I went to Smoque BBQ @ 3800 North Pulaski- The best BBQ I've ever had! Check them out. Twitter: @SmoqueBBQ IG: @smoquebbqchicago Website: www.smoquebbq.com

This morning I had breakfast at Yolk @ 1120 S Michigan Ave- Awesome service and food! Check them out too! Twitter: @EatYolk IG: @EatYolk Website: www.eatyolk.com

The "Art Gallery" place is actually not an art gallery, per se.. But it is super chill with awesome people. This weekend they are hosting an art show in the house. The owner of the house is currently hanging up all sorts of great art, prepping the house for the event. I think tomorrow is my last day here at the house.. Either way Chicago is great so far. I've been posting pictures on Instagram. You can click on the Social Media link above to check those out. 

Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you soon!

If you happen to see one of my card at your shop LET ME KNOW, by tweeting or leaving a comment below.