Day 135

Today is day 135.. 

I'm testing out a new parking spot, so... If I don't make it out alive please tell my friends they suck and they still owe me $5. JUST KIDDING. Most of them owe me $10! 

This is my first post since I've been back from Chicago, and that is mostly because I've been running around booking interviews for the podcast. If you follow me on my social media, you can tell I had a good time. 

I want to take a moment of your time to explain some confusion people are experiencing in relation to my lifestyle. 

This page, for me, isn't just a place for me to write about my life in my van. The van thing is secondary to the podcast. I want to talk to strangers about random topics. If you scroll down to my first post I clearly point out I want to be a better Broadcaster. That being said.. Honestly, the van thing is just something I've always wanted to try. So far I like it. You may find that weird, and that is fine. It is weird... 

I love how people try to explain to me that I am "homeless." What is a home? Why do you think my van isn't worthy enough to live up to your idea of what a "home" is?

Since 2009 I've moved at least once if not twice each year. Do all those locations fit the description of "home"? Maybe by your definition, but certainly not mine. I own this van and the stuff inside of it. I planned the layout and I've done the modifications to the inside to make it more confortable. The people with the most negative opinions are the same people that have never seen my van in person. I enjoy my income instead of handing my money to the electric company, the cable company, and that crappy landlord that still hasn't replaced the fridge that leaks water everywhere (college was a blast!). At this point in my life I refuse to be stressed out by bills and a place I can barely afford. I rather be a nomad that gave away most of my possessions to spend more time with friends and doing things that make me happy. 

..ok I'll stop ranting, again. What sparked this post is I donated a pair of jeans that no longer fit me, tonight. I guess I'm still a little salty about it. My backyard just keeps getting larger. OH! speaking of large back yards, I started a real estate class. Yep, that's right. Living in a van and selling people homes. Just because I refuse to life in a place I can barely afford doesn't mean I don't understand why others do it. Having a toilet and running water is AMAZING! I appreciate the little things. 

Till next time!