Day 168- One Day Trip

Today is day one hundred and sixty-eight.

My birthday is coming up. Cool, right? Well it wasn't so cool until... I BOOKED A ONE DAY TRIP TO DISNEY BY MYSELF! ...ummm yeah... kinda seems lame now that I typed it out.

I digress. This is the 10 step plan.

Friday: 1. My plane boards at 6am. 2. I arrive in Orlando at 8:30am. The parks are about 20 minutes from the airport. I'm still trying to figure out what park I want to go to, but they open at 9am (I think). 3. Either taxi or shuttle over to the park. 4. Spend all day at the park. 5. Take pictures with many Disney characters. 6. Head to Downtown Disney, fill my face with tons of food and beverages till 3am. 

Saturday: 7. Head back to the airport after 3am. 8. Sleep in my terminal till 9:30am, when my flight boards. 9. Back in the van before noon. 10. Plan the rest of my birthday weekend.

Objectes I'd like to achieve.

1. Have fun. 2. Snapchat the experience (SC: onlysandro) 3. Find a woman visiting the same park, solo and marry her before the end of the day. 4. Don't get put on the "No Fly List". (I heard young males that travel alone without bags have been put on this list)

I'm in need of some help. Please give me suggestions on what park to visit and the best way to get from the airport to the park.


-on to the next stop!