Podcast 017- Justin & Adam Fricke (Bro'd Trip)

Day 220..

In November I applied for a job. As you know I want to be a full time Radio Producer. I know this particular radio show has a strong following and some of the fans post on Reddit. So I submitted a post asking fans of the show for any tips on how to better my chances of becoming the new Producer. A bunch of people commented and the feedback was great.(Even the negative feedback!) One person’s comment stuck with me.. "although it's intriguing you live in a van, I hope it's not all you have to talk about."

I think of that comment often. I don't just talk about my van and living in it. I'm a man! I have opinions and ideas... and yeah.. ummm well on that note I'm happy to dedicate this podcast to that person because in this podcast I had a great time talking to two brothers that are currently traveling to all 50 states while living in a van! Sounds amazing, right?! They started about a month ago and so far they are loving it.

I had a great time chatting with Justin and Adam Fricke. They are your average 20-something year old dudes, looking for more in life. They appreciate the little things and are in the middle of a big journey. I wish them safe travels! Hopefully, we can recap with them towards the end of their trip.. I may even meet up with them while I'm on my bicycle trip.(If it happens)

After listening to the podcast, please follow them on their journey:

Website: Bro'd Trip

Subscribe to their YOUTUBE channel


-Instagram @JustinFricke

-Twitter @JustinLFricke

-Facebook The Weekend Warrior

-Personal website JustinTheWeekendWarrior.com


-Instagram @AdamFricke

-Twitter @AdamFricke

-Facebook Adam Fricke Photography

-Personal website AdamFricke.com


BTW.. That position is still open.. I might be scheming. Is there anything fun to do in Rochester?

Podcast 016- Frankie Greek

Day 213

Let’s take a minute to think back… Way back. I mean further back than your last #ThrowbackThursday post. Way before smartphones, laptops, walkmen, or even an alarm clock existed. Think back to a time when the invention of the wheel was a technological breakthrough. Did the elder cave people shun the younger, hipper cave people for using the wheel to transport items? I like to imagine so, because when you fast forward through time to 2016, people like you and I get harassed by elders about being on our phones all the time. We don’t go outside enough. We don’t appreciate life. Apparently, when you’re older and not active with modern technology you're wise beyond your years even without having experience with what you're criticizing. 

With a click of a button you can see or hear pretty much anything. I am glad to say I use technology to my advantage. It gives me the ability to write this blog from my van. Technology is the reason I can power my electronics with my portable solar panel generator. Thank you technology, because of you, reading this blog is possible all around the world and the people reading it either are entertained or disgusted by my last 213 days.

This podcast I spent some time with someone who grew up with a very different environment then the one she lives in now. Her life revolves around social media, and I don’t mean she posts a lot of silly cat photos on Facebook. 

Frankie Greek is a Social Media Wiz Kid and a Snapchat Producer. (Don’t worry she explains what a “Snapchat Producer” is in the podcast) She is affiliated with the Shorty Awards and hosts a show called WWW. on the Shorty Awards snapchat every Wednesday night.

I had a great time talking to her about her life and social media in general. I repeated say "THAT'S COOL", so you know I enjoyed the conversation. (I'm working on that)  She gave me some tips on how to market my website and my future plans of riding a bike across America. 

You can follow her all over the internet:

Snapchat: WTFrankie

Twitter: @FrankieGreek

Instagram: @WhatTheFrankie

The Short Awards

With these three accounts you can find out way more about her and please make sure to follow her!

Day 168- One Day Trip

Today is day one hundred and sixty-eight.

My birthday is coming up. Cool, right? Well it wasn't so cool until... I BOOKED A ONE DAY TRIP TO DISNEY BY MYSELF! ...ummm yeah... kinda seems lame now that I typed it out.

I digress. This is the 10 step plan.

Friday: 1. My plane boards at 6am. 2. I arrive in Orlando at 8:30am. The parks are about 20 minutes from the airport. I'm still trying to figure out what park I want to go to, but they open at 9am (I think). 3. Either taxi or shuttle over to the park. 4. Spend all day at the park. 5. Take pictures with many Disney characters. 6. Head to Downtown Disney, fill my face with tons of food and beverages till 3am. 

Saturday: 7. Head back to the airport after 3am. 8. Sleep in my terminal till 9:30am, when my flight boards. 9. Back in the van before noon. 10. Plan the rest of my birthday weekend.

Objectes I'd like to achieve.

1. Have fun. 2. Snapchat the experience (SC: onlysandro) 3. Find a woman visiting the same park, solo and marry her before the end of the day. 4. Don't get put on the "No Fly List". (I heard young males that travel alone without bags have been put on this list)

I'm in need of some help. Please give me suggestions on what park to visit and the best way to get from the airport to the park.


-on to the next stop!

Day 162

I want to take a moment to thank all the people who have visited my page because of the post I slapped on to a reddit feed. I've gotten some positive feedback from most of you. I hope in the next few weeks we become better acquainted over the air!

Rock on!

onto the next stop.

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Podcast 011- Sharon

Day 151!

Someone asked me the other day, "Sandro, are you getting lonely after being in the van for this long?" That's a fair question. I am a single dude who lives in a van. Some people need someone by their side at all time and some people don't. I grew up an only child, and part of growing up was figuring out ways to occupy my time. Being by myself is nothing new to me. I've been reading more and as you can see I've been podcasting more often too. I don't consider myself lonely.. Maybe I am and I don't know it? I might have to spend some time soul searching to find the answer to this question and more.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this conversation I had with Sharon. Ms. Sharon is the owner of the adult community website, ClimaxConnection. You can find free phone sex, cam sex and cyber sex partners on ClimaxConnection, or you can listen to member contributed erotic audios and/or read erotic stories or participate in the site forums and chat rooms.

It was a true pleasure speaking to Sharon about what goes on in her world as a Phone Sex Operator. If you want to speak with her, you can visit her on her personal website. All you need is a little bit of time and money, and you and Sharon can have a wonderful experience together. 

Please keep in mind the following links shouldn't be opened if you're under 18 years of age. I also don't recommend opening them at work... 


Sharon's Phone Sex Line

On to the next stop..


Podcast 010- Beears An Dro

Day 147.

Sooo.. I'm still in the van. Still cooking steaks on my 12v grill. Still boosting wifi from public locations. I've been traveling more. Definitely one of the major advantages of living in my van is the ability to travel.

In this podcast Beears joins me while I test out some new podcasting equipment and we recap my trip to Chicago and Virginia. We talk about our Halloween and how I still haven't winterized to van. (OH NO!) I should be freaking out about this but I'm not.

We did record the podcast on Friday the 13th, and as we all know a terrible tragedy took place in France. I'm giving up on one of my pet peeves, momentarily. My displeasure for all the foods with the word "french" in them. (EX. French fries, French toast, French vanilla flavored coffee.. I just don't know why we give them all this credit. I digress.) I realize there is a greater issue at hand, but at the same time I don't believe a hashtag or a social media photo filter is considered helping..

This podcast probably sounds a little funky.. I'm still working out the settings, but I'm super excited that the podcast might be moving to the van real soon, in a town near you!

Thanks for stopping by and onto the next stop!

Day 114

It's my second day in Chicago.

This city is beautiful. I think I'm going to be a true tourist and do one of those segway tours. I kinda want to move here.

I've been leaving my Dude In Van business card at all the shops and resturants I stop at, and I think most people have been throwing them out. No worries. I'm still having a great time.

Yesterday I went to Smoque BBQ @ 3800 North Pulaski- The best BBQ I've ever had! Check them out. Twitter: @SmoqueBBQ IG: @smoquebbqchicago Website: www.smoquebbq.com

This morning I had breakfast at Yolk @ 1120 S Michigan Ave- Awesome service and food! Check them out too! Twitter: @EatYolk IG: @EatYolk Website: www.eatyolk.com

The "Art Gallery" place is actually not an art gallery, per se.. But it is super chill with awesome people. This weekend they are hosting an art show in the house. The owner of the house is currently hanging up all sorts of great art, prepping the house for the event. I think tomorrow is my last day here at the house.. Either way Chicago is great so far. I've been posting pictures on Instagram. You can click on the Social Media link above to check those out. 

Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you soon!

If you happen to see one of my card at your shop LET ME KNOW, by tweeting or leaving a comment below.

Podcast 009- Mike Drake The Krampus Expert

Day 100!

Numbers are funny. Yesterday, on the 99th day, it felt like an ordinary day. But today I feel like I've accomplished something. I survived 100 days in my van. 

Enough about me.. Today's podcast I have Mike Drake as my guest and we talk about one of my favorite folklore characters. KRAMPUS!

Mike Drake's book, Contemporary Krampus, is a modern look at  an ancient legend. The book comes out on October 21st, and you can pre-order it now on his website www.contemporarykrampus.com . His contact information can also be found on his website.

If you don't know who Kramus is (I feel sorry for you), HAVE NO FEAR! Everything you need to know about Mike Drake, Krampus, and myself is all in today's podcast.

Follow him on Twitter @Krampus4ever