Ju-lie Babbo Natale

This past weekend I ran into someone I haven't spoken to in a very long time. It was a very brief encounter; we exchanged a few words, shook hands and went on our merry (separate) way. It's funny how people change over the years. I remember spending hours as a child trying to figure out ways to hang out with him and I even wrote him a few letters, too. I would ask my parents to invite him to dinner, or at least let me go visit him. They would always explain to me that he lived very far away. 

My friend and I never planned to meet up but he always seemed to be around in December, right around my birthday. The times we did meet up usually happened at the mall or he would come visit me at school. No matter how long we spent apart, it would be as if we were never seperated. I went back to telling him everything I wanted to tell him and his face would light up like a Christmas tree with excitement. As the years went on the conversations got shorter and shorter and our interactions would happen less and less, till they stopped taking place all together. I would still see him at the same places but neither of us would make an effort to start up a conversation. 

Back then I didn't think anything of it but sadly, after this weekend, I realized we both lost that twinkle that used to shine in our eyes when we used to see each other. Don't get me wrong, it was great seeing him after all these years. It was just different and it got me thinking how over the years I've met so many people and some of those relationships have faded away, as well. 

I've always thought of contacting someone randomly, via social media, to hang out, catch up, grab a bite to eat, maybe a drink or two.. something along those lines. But then a little voice in my head has always stopped me. 

"oh, that's just creepy"

"don't be that guy"

"hmm.. let's do this another time"

(This is usually when I delete the text message I already typed into my mobile phone and proof read 5 times)

Today I realized I shouldn't let that little voice control my original intentions. 

WOW.. I got off topic a bit. I just wanted to share with you that I saw an old friend the other day and we had good time catching up. I'm hoping I run into other old friends, in the near future, and get a chance to catch up with them too. 

Thanks for stopping by.

PS. Here's a picture of my friend and I.

I was always under the assumption he lived at the North Pole.. He told me he lives in Toms River. Must be a summer home while he's on vacation. IDK. What is Christmas in July?


Day 28