"Win a game."

We are a little over a week into 2018 and by far this is my most successful year on social media, so far. On January 1st, I tweeted out this..

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.14.11 AM.png

I still fully intend to keep up with my plan of following people on twitter. (I just figured it’s easier following the most people on Twitter vs. obtaining the most followers on Twitter.)

On January 6th at 11am I replyed to a tweet about the Cleveland Browns.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.13.40 AM.png

Over 450 likes on the most simple tweet!

“Win a game.”

Since I'm famous now... I want to remind you. You can accomplish anything. Just keep your eye on the prize.

The tweet that started my fame







My CBS Radio Experience

Radio History: CBS Radio was launched in 1928 as the Columbia Broadcasting System by William S. Paley. 

My History: Back in 2010 I was a college student at Rowan University, in South Jersey. At the time I was the Operations Manager at WGLS-- Rowan Radio! One afternoon, the Station Manager pulled me aside and asked me what my plans were after college. I said I wanted to work in radio at a Rock station, but I was willing to work anywhere to start. After a few minutes of chatting he basically told me he could get me an interview with a Program Director at a radio station in Philadelphia. The conversation ended with me saying “thank you” and him looking me in the eyes and saying “don’t fuck it up.”

I interviewed to be a Board Operator at a music station. The shift they were offering was Saturday overnights. Basically, my role would have been pushing buttons and pulling faders while most of the East Coast was either ordering their last drink at the bar or sleeping.

I don’t remember the exact details, but I’m pretty sure the PD told me before the interview was over that they were looking for a more experienced candidate. So I went back to my Station Manager and told him how everything went and after a few more minutes of chatting, again, he presented me another opportunity and reminded me.. "don't fuck it up.”

Interview #2 took place for a different station, with a different PD but in the same building and the same floor as the first interview. This interview was for the same position, as a Board Op, but instead of music, the station format was Political Talk. Also, there was opportunity for more hours during all dayparts. I would also work with Hosts directly and was expected to research news stories and help generate show content. I left that interview pretty confident I didn’t get the job; 1. I didn’t have any clue what was going on in the political world, at the time and 2. I wasn’t “qualified” based the minimal requirements I didn’t meet and was needed at the other radio station that didn’t hire me.

To make a very long story short.. I did get hired at the Political Talk radio station a few weeks later in August 2010. Overall, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about the industry. I worked with a wide variety of hosts on live/prerecorded shows involving financial advice, sports, medical advice, home repair, law advice, and even a weekly show dedicated to Frank Sinatra.. I booked guests.. I worked on live college/professional sporting events.. I created show facebook pages and helped hosts create Twitter accounts.. The list goes on but most important of all.. I started my career in the Radio Industry.


Thank you CBS Radio for giving a guy without an internship or any prior “real radio” experience a chance.

Here's a link to more CBS Radio history in detail: LINK



Month to Month to Me

Here’s one sentence that recaps something new that happened

to me every month starting from May 2016


May- I left New Jersey on a bicycle with my two friends from college.

June- I visited the Gateway Arch in St. Louis for the first time.

July- I fell in love and then two hours later hated Utah.

August- I flew back to New Jersey after visiting California for the first time.

September- I started a new job at SiriusXM.

October- I obtained a driver's license, for the first time in my life, that doesn't say "New Jersey" on it.

November- I tried to avoid all political facebook posts.

December- I turned 28 years old for the first time.

January- I became an Ordained Minister.


February- I completed certification courses in Fundamentals of Project Management, Achieving Personal Success, and Introduction to Time Managment.

March- I delivered for UberEATS on a bicycle.

April- I started cleaning out the van with intensions to sell it later this year.


My Media is Social

If it happened, it's here..

Shifting Gears in 2016

All across the internet it seems everyone is cursing out 2016. Anticipating a better 2017.

Honestly, I can’t complain because 2016 wasn’t a particularly bad year for me. In fact the last two years I’ve kind of been kicking major keester in the “achieving personal goals” department.

In 2015, I decided to downsize, move into a van and start a podcast/blog. Blah, blah, blah.. I know that’s all I talk about here on, DudeInVan.com (Go figure) My point is, that was a goal and I accomplished it.



In January, at the beginning of 2016, I was working in corporate television. My new obsession.. I mean goal was to get back to producing radio. After months of people telling me walking across America was a bad idea, a friend called me a asked if I would consider riding a bicycle across the country instead. 

I said "YES!” immediately, but most people don’t know this part.. I held off from committing to the trip because I was waiting to hear back from a radio station that I thought I had a chance to work at in the Northern Midwest. In February, I was listening to the radio show, I applied to, and one of the cast members compared my broadcasting experience to a “Subway sandwich maker”… That’s when I realized I wasn’t going to get a call. 

The plan was to quit my corporate job to find a new job, as a Radio Producer.

Day 1, New Jersey

Day 1, New Jersey

At the end of March I gave my employer a six week notice. By mid-April I bought a bicycle and on the first week in May I was on my way to California riding my stead. 

Full Refund, San Francsico 

Full Refund, San Francsico 

I learned a lot about myself and I met bunch of really great people along the way. 

Some New, Some Old Friends.

Some New, Some Old Friends.

I contacted a bunch of radio stations as I traveled through 12 states. A few places replied.. most didn’t. At the end of the trip I had a couple of interviews over the phone between Colorado and California.

After miles of peddling from the East Coast to the West Coast, as crazy as it sounds, I accepted a Radio Producer job at the end of my trip.


So, I can’t speak for you, because 2016, for me, went as planned.

Highest Point, Colorado 

Highest Point, Colorado 


I have no regrets. I don't believe in looking back. What I am proudest of? Working really hard... and achieving as much as I could. -Elena Kagan